With both privately owned sister companies GEKA-Sport Gmbh and Brütting & Co. EB-Sport International GmbH, with its headquarters in southern Germany (Küps by Kronach), we have been successfully developing and manufacturing casualcasual-, sport and outdoor shoes for men, women and children of all ages, for the past 50 years.

Then as now, our brand names stand for an excellent fit, quality and a high technical standard.

Together with our nearly 60 employees at our site in Küps, we serve a significant portion of the European market.

It all began after the Second World War, when the skilled shoe modeller/maker Eugene Brütting laid the cornerstone for his own shoe manufactory in 1946.

Over the decades and in close cooperation with athletes and the New Zealand success-coach Arthur L. Lydiard, we developed the perfect running shoes - like the legendary "Roadrunner", which through their well-designed strips were worn by all elite runners and still maintain their cult status nowadays.

Concurrently Gerhard Krapp made himself independently self-employed with the company GEKA in 1973, which quickly secured itself a good reputation in the shoe- and sport sector with their own collection.

In the mid-eighties Eugen Brütting handed over his company to Krapp and his partners, where he was still a permanent consultant for the development of the strips and never quite withdrew himself completely from the company.

GEKA acquired the brand "LICO" in 1991, which in the meantime became a large part of the collection.

After years of expansion, Brütting introduced his own brand "EB-Kids" in 2007, which replaced his well-known "mouse" collection in the children's shoe segment. Furthermore, the new outdoor division has been successful for several years.

Although this is by far not the end of our success story, it demonstrates our consistent desire to orientate ourselves on emerging trends and, together with a motivated team, focus on our customer's wishes.